When Doug first contacted us about wanting to surprise his girlfriend Alyssa with a Laurita Winery Proposal and needed a photographer to capture it all, we were ecstatic! First of all, we love proposals. Guys spend weeks and months planning proposals and we love how much thought and detail goes into it. Brides often get all the praise and glory when it comes to planning their wedding but when it comes to planning a proposal, it’s the guy’s time to shine!! We’ve shot many a proposal and regardless of how much planning goes into it, they are always a nervous wreck. And we totally feel their pain. It’s pretty stressful trying to pull something off that you’ve been keeping a secret from your significant other for what seems like forever. Then the big day comes and it all comes down to minutes and seconds and before you know it, the big surprise is here and it’s happening. Right. NOW. And you just hope and pray that the weather is going to turn out just right for the big event! For Doug and Alyssa, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect on this beautiful fall day.

The Proposal {by Noelle}
Alyssa’s proposal story starts with a journey from Florida (where they currently live) to New Jersey, where all of their family and friends live. The ruse was that they were going to Laurita Winery to celebrate one of their friend’s birthdays and at some point, I would pretend to be a photographer shooting for the vineyard’s website and ask them for a photo. After taking some shots outside and various group shots on the veranda, I asked if the two of them wouldn’t mind coming to take a photo in front of the vineyards for the website. If Alyssa was suspicious she didn’t say anything, they both just followed along and chatted while we walked down to the endless rows of vines. After taking some shots, Doug and I agreed that his cue would be once I said, “hang on a second, I’m going to go a bit further back” and he could then make his move whenever he was ready. So here we go… I said the cue and ran back to give them some space and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. Of course Alyssa said YES and was a bit teary-eyed as her friends and family (who were hiding on the terrace above) came running down to congratulate them! Afterwards, everyone went back to the terrace to pop some bottles of wine and celebrate together!!

We are so thrilled for Doug and Alyssa and feel honored to have been a part of this big moment in their lives. Congratulations and happy planning!!

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