One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is getting to experience so many different cultural traditions, and Greek weddings are especially fun to capture! We absolutely love that Anastasia and Jon incorporated so many Greek customs in their Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding.

We knew instantly upon first meeting Anastasia + Jon that their event was going to be a sophisticated and elegant affair. Little did we know the wonderful surprises in store, like Anastasia’s gorgeous illusion backed Watters gown and stunning handmade veil headpiece from Bridal by Chris. And Jon was quite the fashion forward and dapper groom in his custom made suit and stylish details. When they finally came together it was love at first click for us!! The day continued to delight as Anastasia and Jon exchanged vows at the beautiful St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Philadelphia. We lucked out with some gorgeous weather for their Bride and Groom portrait session at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We had visited that area just a few months before for their stylish Philly Engagement session, but this time we were able to take advantage of the setting sun over the city of Brotherly Love.

The party continued at the sophisticated Union Trust in Philadelphia, hosted by the wonderfully talented people over at Finley Catering. The reception decor was beautifully arranged by Michael Anthony’s Floral Design and they brought Anastasia and Jon’s wedding vision to life! We couldn’t help but smile behind our cameras the entire night as Greek dances songs were played and money was being thrown into the air – what a lively bunch! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some of our favorite images from their day, even though it was really hard to narrow them down to a select few. Enjoy!


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