Two Bright Lights 2015 Editors’ Choice Award Winner

As wedding photographers, one thing we love more than making our clients happy is being able to showcase our work and our amazing couples on Bridal Blogs and Magazines!! One of the many great resources for us to use for submitting our work is a website called Two Bright Lights, which allows photographers to upload their work, connect with other vendors and submit their images to hundreds of publishers. We’re not gonna lie, it’s an arduous task but one that reaps many benefits when it’s all said and done! Not only does it show the world what we can do, but it allows us to share all of the hard work that every couple and their vendors put into this one special day. The submissions don’t always get published because they are exclusive. So every blog or magazine has a photo editor who goes through each and every submission checking to see if it meets their standards and quality of work that they want to showcase. So it’s always a huge honor for us when a submission gets accepted! We do a little happy dance each and every time, ha.

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out that we are a 2015 Editors’ Choice Award winner through Two Bright Lights. This continues to get us recognition as an Award Winning Wedding Photographer in New York City & Philadelphia. This specific award means that we are among the top percentage of members frequently published through their website (you have to hit a certain number of accepted submissions each year to receive the award).  Some of the publishers who accepted our submissions this past year include: The Knot (New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania), The Westchester Wedding Planner, Wedloft, Un-Jersey Bride,, Glamour & Grace, and Love Wed Bliss.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of these publishers and especially YOU, our couples who made this possible and allowed us the incredible privilege of photographing your special day!! We wouldn’t be the photographers we are today without our clients’ love and support. So thanks again!! here is just a little snippet of some of our favorites images that were accepted for publication (for 2014 and 2015). And just wait, there are many more weddings we plan to submit for this year!!

Publication: The Knot, New York
Venue: Bedell Cellars, Long Island
Couple: Paige + Anthony

Kasschau_01Kasschau_02Kasschau_04 Kasschau_03Kasschau_05

Publication: The Knot, New Jersey
Venue: Bonnet Island Estate, NJ
Couple: Katie + Steve

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Publication: The Knot, Pennsylvania
Venue: Front & Palmer
Hotel: The Bellevue Philadelphia
Couple: Julianne + Spencer


Publication: The Westchester Wedding Planner
Venue: Bryant Park Grill
Hotel: Bryant Park Hotel
Couple: Chrissy + Guy

Chachkes_01Chachkes_03 Chachkes_02Chachkes_04Chachkes_06 Chachkes_07Chachkes_08

Publication: Love Wed Bliss
Venue: Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge NJ
Couple: Ashley + Billy


Publication: The Knot, Pennsylvania
Venue: Cairnwood Estate, PA
Couple: Karen + Dan


Publication: WedLoft
Venue: Front + Palmer, Philadelphia
Couple: Devon + Matt