Meet our very enthusiastic and adorable couple Catie + Brian. They were recently married at one of our favorite venues, Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, New Jersey. Catie told us that when she booked the venue for early November of 2013, the venue manager Perry told them it would be the most beautiful weekend of year to get married on the Lake. Well, he certainly didn’t disappoint and mother nature pulled through with some gorgeous weather! We’ve worked their quite a few times and this was by far the most colorful and vibrant time of year! With the yellow, orange and red leaves set against the perfectly blue sky and lake, you really couldn’t ask for anything more!!

Catie + Brian chose to do a first look right on the grounds of the Lake, where the ceremony and reception would also be held. Even though it was a pretty chilly day, they both braved the cold winds and gave us all the time we needed to get some stunning shots of the two of them together. And we’re so thankful they did! Every moment spent photographing the two of them together was a nice reminder of why we do what we do. They were so sweet and giggly together and enjoyed every minute of their wedding day – and it totally shows in the photographs!! Here are some of our favorite sneak peeks!

01_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 02_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 03_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 04_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 05_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 06_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 07_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 08_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 09_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 10_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 11_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 12_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 13_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 14_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 15_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 16_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 17_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 18_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 19_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 20_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 21_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 22_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 23_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 24_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 25_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 26_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 27_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 28_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 29_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 30_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 32_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 33_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 34_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 35_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 36_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 37_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 38_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 39_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 40_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 41_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer 42_Lake_Valhalla_Wedding_Photographer