Christina and Matt had the most spectacular Hyatt at the Bellevue Wedding this past October and we just couldn’t wait to share a little sneak peek from their big day!! Christina had expressed to us from the very beginning that she wanted her wedding day to reflect their chic and sophisticated style and we were honestly blown away by all of the elegant details they brought together. From her timeless and fashionable Anne Barge gown to the royal color accents of the Hayley Paige bridesmaid dresses and the luxurious floral decor, everything couldn’t have come together more perfectly. There were also many personal touches throughout the day that meant a lot to our bride and groom. Such as the getting ready location for Christina, which was the home she grew up in as well as the church, where her parents got married (St. Monica Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia).  We absolutely love being able to incorporate these special places into the photographs because they mean so much to our couples.

After their ceremony, we were able to take Christina and Matt and their bridal party to Old City for some photographs at the Second Bank of the United States, as well as the iconic Broad St. photo right in front of their wedding venue, The Hyatt at the Bellevue. And of course, we were once again blown away by the incredibly talented folks over at team Lamsback, who were in charge of the event design and floral decor for the reception. Every inch of the old ballroom was dripping with old world charm and sophistication and it was such a pleasure capturing all of these wonderful details for Christina and Matt. The surprises of the evening were only getting started of course! Christina and Matt surprised everyone with a fabulously choreographed first dance and then Christina’s sister, Giana shocked everyone with her insanely good voice and sang a special song just for the couple. Overall, the entire day couldn’t have gone any better and we are so, so happy for the newlyweds. Congratulations Christina + Matt!!

Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_01 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_02 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_03 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_06Christina getting ready at her home in Ivyland before her wedding The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_05The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_09 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_07 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_08The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_12 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_10 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_11 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_13 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_14 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_15 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_16 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_17 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_18 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_19 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_20The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_21 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_22 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_23 Christina and Matt's church ceremony at St. Monica's Church in South Philly Christina and Matt posing in front of the 2nd bank before their Bellevue Wedding The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_26 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_27 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_28Christina and Matt kissing in front of the 2nd Bank before their wedding at the Bellevue The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_30 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_31 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_32 Christina and her bridesmaids walking in front of the 2nd Bank of the U.S. before her wedding at the Bellevue The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_35 Christina and Matt's wedding cake at the Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel Table Candle Decor by Lamsback for Christina and Matt's Wedding at the BellevueThe_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_38 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_39 Card Table decor for Christina and Matt's Wedding at the Bellevue Floral Decor by Lamsback for Christina and Matt's Wedding at the Bellevue Christina and Matt's first dance at their Bellevue Wedding Matt twirling Christina during their first dance The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_44The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_45 Christina and Matt listening to a speech during their wedding reception at The Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_48 The_Bellevue_Wedding_Photography_49 Matt dipping Christina during their wedding reception at The Hyatt at the Bellevue Christina and Matt pose on Broad Street in front of City Hall before their wedding Matt dipping Christina for a kiss on Broad Street in front of City Hall