Congratulations to our wonderful couple Diana and Brandon, who were recently married at Talamore Country Club in Ambler, PA (a beautiful venue!). When we first met with them, they let us know that they weren’t your typical couple with a traditional bridal party (more like the un-bridal party) and we instantly we loved the idea! Every wedding is unique in it’s own way but we especially love when couple’s put their own spin on things and reflect who they are and their personalities!

They would have all of their closest friends be a part of their special day but there weren’t any labels or traditions that had to take place. Just them and their closest group of friends standing together to witness the joining of two families. And needless to say, with a group like this, it was clear that they were going to be lively, spontaneous and fun! Diana and Brandon also mentioned that they wanted to include their friends in the first look photographs some how (without actually having them be a part of the first look). Sometimes as photographers we go through ideas over and over in our heads but there are things that happen on the wedding day that completely change our perspective (whether it is due to the environment, weather, time, personalities, etc) but that’s the beauty of this job. Things just fall into place the way they’re supposed to! It just so happened that where they envisioned doing their first look, there was also a great spot for everyone to stand and witness but still allow Diana and Brandon to have that special time alone. It all came together so seamlessly and of course this fun group really made the shots come to life!! When it came to shooting the two of them, it was just completely effortless. They are the kind of couple that just enjoy being together and being themselves and we really love being able to capture that on the wedding day when it comes to the Bride & Groom portraits!

So here are just some of our favorite images from their big day. We really enjoyed working with Diana and Brandon and wish them all the best in their new life together as Mr. & Mrs!!

Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_01 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_02 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_03 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_04 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_05 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_06Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_07Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_08 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_09 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_10 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_11Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_13Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_14 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_15 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_16 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_17 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_18 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_19 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_20 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_21 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_22Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_24Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_25 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_26 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_27 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_28 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_29 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_30 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_31 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_32 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_33 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_34 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_35 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_36 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_37 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_38 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_39 Talamore_Country_Club_Wedding_40