We are excited to finally share this awesome wedding with everyone!! We have been following Greg and Doreet on their journey to becoming husband and wife since the very beginning. It started with their Central Park Engagement Session that we shot last summer, right before their intimate Wedding Ceremony that took place in Delray Florida last August. We were thrilled when Doreet and Greg approached us about shooting all of these special events. As most of our followers know, we are avid travelers and love any opportunity to travel to new places! Costa Rica is on any traveler’s list of must-see places and it was the perfect setting for an intimate destination wedding.

All of their closest friends and family came to join them at the Hacienda Pinilla Resort in the Guancaste region of Costa Rica, which is on the Western Coast. Most people came in a few days early so they could hang out and relax with Greg and Doreet before their big day. The weather was hit or miss with a few showers here and there but we were hoping for the best when the wedding day rolled around. Of course, since Mother Nature often does her own thing, she blessed them with showers on their wedding day (it also happened to rain on their Florida ceremony so we’re convinced that they are extra blessed). However, as stressful as it may be to any bride, Doreet took it all in stride and just went with the flow. Since we weren’t able to do their Bride + Groom portraits outside on the day of, we knew we had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that followed the day after their wedding. They took all of their guests on a boat tour excursion the next day and when they returned we were able to go back out, right as the sun was setting for some spectacular photos. We’re so excited to share some of our favorites with everyone {check out the awesome tree frog that decided to join us for the reception. You may have to really look to find him on one of the detail flower shots}!

We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to share this experience with and we are so thankful for this opportunity. Thank you Doreet and Greg for taking us along this journey with you and many blessings for years of love and happiness to come!! Congratulations!!

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