We cannot express our excitement that spring has finally arrived. It’s been a long, chilly winter here in NYC and to celebrate the coming of warmer weather, here’s the first Engagement Session of 2014! As you can see, we lucked out with a beautiful day for Jess + Mark’s late afternoon DUMBO engagement session. For those of you who are unfamiliar with one of Brooklyn’s famous acronyms, “DUMBO” stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” – a location we fittingly had to include in the session. Recently having moved to the neighborhood, this happy couple is new to NYC (welcome!), and were itching to get some urban images in their collection. DUMBO had a ton to offer – in both photo opps and some of the best/richest hot chocolates known to man. And as a girl after our own heart, Jess insisted we end the day with this wonderful treat. Suffice it to say, the day was fabulous and we’re very much looking forward to their upcoming wedding this August!

DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_01 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_02 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_03 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_04 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_05 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_06 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_07 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_08 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_09 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_10 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_11 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_12 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_13

 – “DUMBO” itself – 

DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_14 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_15 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_16 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_17 DUMBO-NYC-Brooklyn-Bridget-Engagement-Session_18