Emily and Sean are your very typical twenty-something successful couple living the dream in NYC. When we first started talking with them, they expressed their desire to make wedding photography one of their top priorities, with a specific look and style in mind. With lots of ideas and detailed planning, Emily had a vision for her wedding that we really wanted to make a reality. Now, one of the most unique things about this NY bride is that she is a fashion designer who designed her own one-of-a-kind wedding dress down to every last detail, hair piece and killer set of shoes! Her enthusiasm along with a great connection between the two made for some great shots.

We loved their charisma and had a blast scouring locations along the North Shore of Long Island and braving the heat to capture some of these fun moments! We would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to explore every location with a creative eye and giving us all the time we needed to get the shots! Congrats to you both – many years of love and happiness to come. Enjoy!