Today’s spotlight is on our ever-so-lovely, and very popular “Proof Boxes”. If you have inquired with us regarding wedding services, you know that the Platinum Collection will include one of these beautiful, hand-made gems. And if you are one of our portrait clients, we would love to remind you about these Proof Boxes.

Proof Boxes vs. Proof Books

For us, the idea started right at the birth of Femina. At the time, “proof books” were (and still are) very popular amongst wedding clients, with the sole purpose of viewing all of the images in a printed form as thumbnails. Proof books typically serve one purpose, and one purpose only: to view images from the wedding day to determine which images will be included in a couple’s wedding album.

“Proof Boxes” on the other hand, not only serve the same purpose, but are a beautiful way to store beautifully produced loose prints. Not only do they allow you to decide which images you’d like in your wedding album, but they are just an extension of your final wedding album – and another heirloom to adorn your shelves at home. We’ve said before that nothing can replace a physical, professionally designed wedding album – and the same goes for loose photographic prints. Our Proof Boxes can be created to match our wedding albums, and when displayed together, they are truly special pieces of art.

Order Your Proof Box Today!

Interested in ordering your own Proof Box? We offer three sizes that range in accommodating 100 – 1000 loose, un-watermarked prints! Keep all the prints for yourself, or share with family and friends – it’s completely up to you! To order your signature Femina Proof Box, simply email Nicole at [email protected], and she’ll help guide you on what will work best for you!

PROOFBOX_2014.10.07_Gold_007 PROOFBOX_2014.10.07_Gold_010 PROOFBOX_2014.10.07_Gold_012PROOFBOX_2014.10.07_Gold_006