{Nicole} Growing up I never had the privilege to meet my father’s mother, or as you would call a Greek grandmother, “Ya-Ya”. I did however have my “Papou”, my Grandma and Grandpa on my mother’s side and then two very special people, Grandma Rosemarie and Grandpa Anthony – the grandparents of my childhood best friend Christine. Christine and I met each other in a reading class at our local library when we were 2 years old. Although we both don’t quite remember this, our mothers – who bonded outside waiting for us – say that we skipped out of the reading group like two little Chatty Cathies. Ever since that day the four of us became very close and Christine and I spent much of our childhood at each other’s houses. It was often the case that when I was at her house, Grandma Rosemarie and Grandpa Anthony were as well, so naturally her grandparents became mine and never treated me as anything other than their extended granddaughter.

A couple of weeks ago surrounded by a handful of friends and family, Grandpa Anthony threw his adorably stunning wife (and avid spin class attendant) an intimate surprise party for her 75th birthday at the Garden City Country Club. Needless to say Grandma Rosemarie was beyond shocked – and then stunned when Grandpa Anthony after giving a tear felt speech revealed his last surprise: a new gorgeous diamond ring! The night was full of love, reminiscing and laughter and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it. Below are some of the special moments I was able to capture throughout the night.