Just a few short weeks before Heida + Cory’s wedding, we were shooting another Woodloch Pines Wedding and it’s never a disappointment to go back there. Not only is it a beautiful place to shoot but the landscape is constantly changing every time we’re there, allowing us to do something different with each couple in the changing seasons. Heida and Cory’s day started out with quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms (not unusual for the Poconos) so we weren’t sure if we were going to get any time outside with the two of them. However, right before the first look, the sky opened up and it was the perfect setting for the big reveal. If you can’t tell from the photographs, Woodloch Pines is an expansive resort with vacation lodges, a golf course, a lake with an Inn and best of all, they have the most adorable watermill when you first enter the resort. So we took full advantage of the short time we had without rain and darted from place to place, luckily for us, these two were perfectly at ease with each other, making our job super easy of course! We have to admit the star of the day was their little girl Lilly, who totally stole the show with her gigantic smile and happy demeanor. Our cameras just couldn’t help but be drawn to her, ha! And although the ceremony ended up being inside, the Woodloch staff made everything seamless and spectacular (as usual) and the day turned to be just perfect for Heida and Cory and their families (some of which traveled all the way from Iceland for the big day!). We really couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph in what some may consider “less than desirable” weather… although we must say, we love those dramatic dark sky shots. Heida + Cory – you guys rocked it!

We wish a lifetime of love and happiness for this wonderful little family and congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs.

Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_01 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_02 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_03 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_04 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_05 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_06 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_07 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_08 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_09 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_10 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_11 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_12 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_13 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_14 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_15 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_16 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_18 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_19 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_20Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_21Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_22 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_23 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_24 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_25 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_26 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_27 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_28 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_29 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_30 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_31 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_32 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_33 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_34 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_35 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_36 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_37 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_38 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_39 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_40 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_41 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_42 Woodloch_Pines_Wedding_43