{Noelle} As it’s been said a thousand times before, one of the many joys of being a photographer is the ability to capture emotion and memorialize moments forever…

However, it’s not often that as wedding photographers we get to experience that intense emotional connection in the moment as well. Of course we empathize and share in the joy because it’s the type of event that emanates love and happiness! And ultimately its our goal to connect with our clients on a level that earns their trust, but there are certain situations we find ourselves in that can completely overwhelm our ability to hold back emotions. One of these situations is photographing friends and family. Recently, I was given the extraordinary honor and pleasure to shoot a very good friends wedding (Jaree and Ryan) and I was taken back by the emotion I felt while doing it. At times, I was completely overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and tears but most of all, I was completely humbled by the experience to capture the love they shared on that day.

The ceremony took place at Independence Baptist Church in Independence, Texas and was officiated by her father and Air Force pastor, Jim, the very man whose sermons I listened to at my church when we were younger. Listening to him perform the service brought back a fondness of memories for me personally but even more amazing was listening to his advice and guidance as he led them into life as a married couple. He liked to call the alter the “no cry zone” but I will have to say there were no dry eyes up there while he gave his youngest daughter away. The moment had me completely choked up and let me tell you, it’s hard to shoot through watery eyes! Needless to say the love that was felt was inspiring and the welcome I received from each family and friend filled me with a great sense of gratitude to be there.

So from one friend to another I want to say congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Whinery (Win-ery)… may the love you shared on this day never leave your hearts and I just hope these photographs will help you remember everything in between. Here are some of my favorite images from the day and again, I will say it was truly and honor to shoot it.

Wedding Location: College Station, Texas