It’s fun getting to know our couples on both a photographic and personal level leading up to their special day, and we got to know this couple well during our time with them leading up to their wedding. We photographed Jenifer + Ivan early this summer on a beautiful summer morning in New York City celebrating their engagement. When asked “So, what is your wedding going to be like?” they both eluded with a chuckle that their wedding would be “different” and “not what you expect on a wedding day” – especially when it came to their “first look”. They both talked endearingly about their large families and all that would be traveling from Croatia to celebrate their special day. You can say we were warned but not quite prepared for the full extent of “Croation celebrations”.

While we have certainly documented many different types of weddings, we have to admit, their wedding was maybe the most fun we’ve had at a wedding in a while. Normally the “Getting Ready” portion of the day is a time of preparation for the bride and groom – and a part of the day that is relatively relaxed and low-key. However as with their tradition, Jenifer + Ivan’s wedding celebrations started early in the morning with live Croatian music in their parents’ backyards, tons of food, and even more family and friends. Once Jenifer was dressed and ready, Ivan and his entourage of friends and family traveled in a parade-like fashion to Jenifer’s parent’s home, proudly waving the Croatian and American flags to the band’s music. It was quite the sight for their small neighborhood in Queens, causing neighbors to gather on their porches to wave on the happy groom. The sole purpose for this event was to bring the two households together before the ceremony to celebrate the couple’s “First Look”.  The rest of their day continued with the same level of energy straight into the night and we had a BLAST celebrating and documenting it all! And when it came time to do their bride + groom portraits, these two rocked it just as they had that morning at High Line Park. We just simply can’t get enough of these two and wish them all the best!!!

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