We are so excited to be sharing this special wedding. We’ve been anxiously awaiting Jennifer + Ryan’s big day for more reasons than one. For one, we had the opportunity to document Jennifer’s twin sister Ashley’s wedding last year, and just fell in love with their family. They are some of the warmest and kindest people we have the privilege of working with. Now, we know that twins have a special bond; but this really became apparent to us while documenting Ashley + Billy’s wedding last year, as Jennifer gushed over her beautiful sister the whole day. For her own wedding, she wore Ashely’s veil as her “something borrowed”, and continued the tradition of their grandmother’s handkerchief for her “something old”. They are truly connected in a way that we only wish to experience in our lifetime. So when Ryan popped the question to Jennifer, we were beyond excited for them! Ryan happens to kind of be a Femina celebrity. He has gracing our web pages for a few years now; first as a groomsmen in one of our past client’s wedding, and then last year at Ashley + Billy’s. So he’s kind of a big deal around here!

Needless to say, Jennifer + Ryan’s Laurita Winery wedding was a very special one for us. It was beautiful in every way, and filled with tons of emotion, laughter, and fun. As to be expected, our gorgeous bride took everyone’s breath away in her stunning gown with the beaded bodice and full tulle skirt – we LOVE tulle! We love how the sun poured through her dress and created a magical, romantic glow around them. That magic and romance followed them throughout their special day, and we feel so honored to have been a part of yet another special occasion for this family. So without further ado, here are some of our favorites from Jennifer + Ryan’s wedding! Congratulations you two!!!

Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-003Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-001Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-004Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-002Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-005Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-006A Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-007 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-008 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-009 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-010 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-011 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-012 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-013 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-014 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-015 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-016A Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-017 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-018Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-043_FBLaurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-019 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-020A Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-021 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-022 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-023Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-024 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-025Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-026 Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-027Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-028Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-029Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-030Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-031Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-032Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-033Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-034Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-035Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-036Untitled-1Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-037Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-047_FBLaurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-038Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-039Laurita-Winery-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photos-040A