By now we think of Kaelyn + Paul as long-time friends of Femina since we’ve had the honor of working with them throughout their entire wedding planning process. As Michigan residents planning their Woodloch Pines Resort wedding in the Poconos, we first “met” this sweet couple through Skype and chatted one winter evening during a snow storm, chatting all things “wedding”. We officially met Kaelyn + Paul in NYC for their Engagement session – and WOW, sparks flew and their chemistry was on. They fell right into their love bird “groove” and we became very excited for their wedding day, which would no doubt be just as fun to document.

We also had the pleasure of working with them on their custom-designed invitation suite as well, which maintained the classic elegance their springtime wedding would encompass. And that it did. Their wedding day was beautiful from start to finish and Kaelyn + Paul were absolutely smitten with each other throughout the whole day. It’s truly and honor when our couples trust Femina to guide them through their wedding experience – both the design and photography – and that was no exception for this amazing couple and their families. We’ve had a blast working with Kaelyn + Paul as well as their families and friends and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

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