While it may not have been a sunny beach day for their wedding, Kristin + Greg were certainly fortunate to have not a single rain drop fall on them – even though the skies seemed threatening. And for this October wedding on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, we were crossing our fingers and toes tight for whatever cooperation Mother Nature wanted to give us! (Hey, if she wanted to give us some soft, romantic light to work with instead of dark, stormy clouds filled with rain, who are we to be picky!)

We started the day at the adorable “Sea Biscuit” house, which was adorned with some amazing beach decor and was quite fitting for their beach wedding! Once our beautiful bride was dressed and ready to go, we carried on (now really crossing our fingers tightly) to begin their intimate wedding ceremony on the beach. Luck was on our side, and we were able to continue shooting Kristin + Greg on the beach and capture their immediate joy from becoming husband and wife. After our sandy stroll, we headed over to their reception site at the Brant Beach Yacht Club, which overlooked the quite bay of the island. The club complimented these two lovebirds’ personalities wonderfully, and the night continued with a lot of celebrating for this lovely couple. We couldn’t have been happier to be documenting their day and are very excited to share some of our favorites! Congratulations to Kristin + Greg!

Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_01 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_02 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_03 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_04 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_05 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_06 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_07 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_08 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_09 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_10 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_39 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_13 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_14 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_15 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_16 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_17 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_18 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_19 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_20 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_21 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_22 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_23 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_24 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_25 Brant-Beach-Long-Beach-Island-Wedding-Photography_26