Lindsey and Tommy’s Bedell Cellars Wedding has been a long anticipated wedding for us Femina ladies! We have known the Spina famile for a long time now and they have referred many friends to us over the years – so you can imagine our excitement when Lindsey contacted us about HER upcoming! We were beyond thrilled that Lindsey found her own happily ever after – little did we know that her fiance Tommy has been there all along (they have known each other since pre-school!!). Their fairy-tale love story is the kind that makes you go “awwww” but once you get around these two, you realize immediately that the connection goes so much deeper and the love they have for one another is palpable. The day of the wedding was one awe-inspiring moment after another, from Tommy’s emotional reaction to Lindsey’s letter, to the heartfelt ceremony and vows exchanged. Even the reception speeches spoke volumes to their genuine personalities, as their maid of honor and best man choked back tears of joy for the happy couple!

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we were back at one of our all-time favorite places to shoot on the North Fork of Long Island – Bedell Cellars Winery. Riva and her stellar team did an amazing job of orchestrating their lovely event and of course for us, it’s always a pleasure to work with them!! Lindsey and Tommy didn’t let any detail go unattended, from the signature Bedell tree featured on their wedding invitations, to the breathtaking ceremony setup (complete with a rose-petal strewn aisle) and the beautifully handwritten ceremony bulletin on an ornate framed mirror – we loved every. single. detail. of their day!!

It feels somewhat like closing a chapter for us – from meeting this wonderful family to photographing the last Spina daughter’s wedding – but we hope it’s just the continuation of a life-long relationship for us as we watch their beautiful families grow. Thank you Lindsey and Tommy for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you!

Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_01 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_02 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_03 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_04 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_05 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_06 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_07 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_08 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_09 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_10 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_11 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_12 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_13 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_14 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_15 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_16 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_17 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_18 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_19 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_21 Tommy sees Lindsey for the first time at their ceremony at Bedell Cellars Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_23 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_24 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_25 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_26 Lindsey and Tommy stand under the tree at Bedell Cellars during their ceremony Lindsey and Tommy stop for a kiss in the garden of Bedell Cellars after their ceremony Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_29 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_30 Tommy carries Lindsey's dress as they walk through the vineyard at Bedell Cellars Lindsey and Tommy take a stroll through the vineyards of Bedell Cellars Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_33 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_34 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_35 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_36 Reception table decor at Lindsey and Tommy's Bedell Cellars wedding Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_38 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_39 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_40 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_41 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_42 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_44 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_45 Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_46 Lindsey and Tommy celebrate with sparklers at the end of their reception at Bedell Cellars Bedell_Wedding_Long_Island_48