Meet Liz and Tom, our very fun-loving and adorable couple! They are getting married at one of our favorite venues, Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, New Jersey this September. Liz and Tom wanted to do their engagement session at a vineyard since they are big wine lovers, so we chose Hopewell Valley Vineyards in Pennington, NJ. ¬†Unfortunately with the crazy weather we’ve had recently, we had to reschedule and were holding out hope that a nice day would come along. But finally, we got some decent weather and the sun even popped in and out during their session so we were able to get some great outdoor shots! We started off sampling some of the Vineyards popular wines and then wandered around to take some photographs on the beautiful winery grounds. And since they both adore their new Jeep, we couldn’t resist getting some fun shots of them and their new ride! Since the heat has been pretty brutal this summer, we decided to head inside and check out their basement distillery (it was so nice and cool in there!), where we were able to get some really unique and fun shots with the wine barrels. That’s A LOT of wine. Hey, us wine-o’s aren’t complaining, ha! We can’t wait until their big day when they will finally tie the knot. In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite sneak peeks!!

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