We were totally smitten with Maggie + Liz when we first met with them. They were crazy about each other and simply giddy when thinking about their upcoming wedding. And it was clear that their wedding ceremony was going to be what marriage is all about: embarking on a life full of love together. Surrounded by a small army of bridesmaids and their closest friends and family, their beautiful event was filled with overwhelming emotion from start to finish. Knowing the love that Maggie + Liz share for each other was evident in their vows, and simply the way they looked at each other. It was such a joy editing their images and seeing them interact (both silly and in the most tender of ways) and knowing that the love between them radiates through these images.

Two brides means double the details – things we absolutely love shooting! Each bride and her group of girls were glammed up and zipped up into their beautiful dresses at a nearby LIC hotel, and then wisked away into the limo for some iconic portraits overlooking the NYC skyline. We were able to grab some amazing images for these lovely ladies at LIC’s Gantry Plaza State Park, a fantastic location for LIC and Brooklyn Weddings. Their intimate ceremony took place just over the Brooklyn/Queens border at the Bat Haus, an industrial event space perfect for offbeat custom weddings. Entertainment was provided by Aldo, and really kept the guests on their toes with a twist on the everyday wedding. It was a fabulous day from start to finish and we were honored to be a part of it. Congratulations to Maggie + Liz, our beautiful brides, and enjoy the sneak peek from their day!

Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-001 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-002 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-003 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-004 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-005 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-006 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-007 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-008 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-009 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-010 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-011 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-012 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-013 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-014 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-015 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-016 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-017 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-018 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-019 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-020 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-021 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-022 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-023 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-024 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-025 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-026 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-027 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-028 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-029 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-030 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-031 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-032 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-033 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-034 Bat-Haus-LGBT-Brooklyn-Wedding-NYC-035