Michelle and Max’s wedding at Saint Andrews School in Delaware is definitely one we will never forget! Between the stunning grounds of the 18th Century school, to Michelle’s amazingly chic bridal look (and her gorgeous family heirloom engagement ring) – we absolutely loved everything about this wedding! Many of you may recognize this historic boarding school from the movie “Dead Poets Society” featuring Robin Williams who plays an English teacher and that is exactly what came to mind when Max and Michelle told us they were getting married there!! Anyone who is from Delaware will definitely know this iconic location and so it was very exciting for Noelle (who grew up in Delaware) to shoot a wedding there. What an amazing opportunity and a photographer’s dream location!

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect August day for their wedding – aside from the typical NorthEast heat and humidity, which is to be expected – the sun was shining and there were just enough clouds to add a bit of texture to their photos. It was certainly a photographer’s playground and we always say that we’ll take hot over raining, so thank goodness it was sunny!! Michelle and Max were exceptionally chill and laid back, which made our job of photographing them on their wedding day that much easier – they were very much go-with-the-flow people, which we loved!  We started the morning with some photos of the guys outside (thanks for hanging with us in the heat gentlemen!) and the girls in the beautiful bridal suite flooded with light and lined with floor to ceiling windows. Michelle and Max decided to hold their ceremony in the historical little chapel in the lower level of Founders Hall, while the cocktails were held in the arched courtyard outside and then the reception took place in the main dining hall. It was certainly a unique and exciting place to photograph a wedding – with so many nooks and crannies that we didn’t even get to explore in our short time there! But we’re glad that Michelle and Max allowed us some time with just the two of them to photograph their portrait session on the beautiful grounds surrounding Founders Hall – we know it can be tough schlepping around in a big dress and a full suit in the August heat – but we think the result was totally worth it!!

Congratulations to this wonderful couple Max and Michelle and thank you for taking us along on this journey to photograph your special day!

Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_01 Photo of Michelle's heirloom engagement ring Michelle and her bridesmaid hold up her wedding dress at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_04 MIchelle and Max's stationary and wedding details Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_07 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_09 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_10Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_08Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_11 Michelle poses in the bridal suite at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_13 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_14 Max and his groomsmen walking on the grounds of Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_16 Michelle and her bridesmaids laughing under a tree at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_18 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_19 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_20 Bride Michelle poses in the archway at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_22 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_23 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_24 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_25 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_26 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_27Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_28 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_29 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_30 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_31 Michelle and Max pose under a tree by the lake at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_33 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_34 Michelle and Max throw confetti with their bridal party at Saint Andrews School in Delaware Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_36 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_37 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_38 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_39 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_40 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_41Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_42 Saint_Andrews_School_Delaware_Wedding_43