Introducing our lovely couple Michelle and Mike – they recently had an intimate Cape May New Jersey Wedding and we were fortunate enough to be the ones to capture their multi-day event! Michelle came to us as a referral from another client and to say we were smitten with each other from the very beginning is somewhat of an understatement. You see, even though Michelle and Mike were planning a very small wedding, they still felt that the photography should be a very big part of their special day and we could feel Michelle’s excitement through the phone from the very first conversation. Any client that comes to us with this kind of enthusiasm and values photography as Art, holds a special place in our hearts!! We were very honored to be involved in every part of this intimate affair, which started with some getting ready photos at the beautiful and elegant Southern Mansion, followed by a ceremony and private dinner across the street at the Washington Inn restaurant. Every detail was so important to Michelle and she really wanted to capture her and Mike’s journey in the most memorable way possible. From the hand painted pumpkins with their wedding date, framed photographs of their parents and grandparents weddings, carved out pumpkins that held the flower decor and the adorable “Just Married” sign above their seats during dinner. These are just a glimpse of all the amazing details they worked so hard to put together!

Then just one week later they held a dinner reception for family and friends, which we were able to document as well. We love seeing all of these elements and different parts of their event come together to tell one amazing story of their journey to husband and wife. We are so thrilled to have captured each and every moment and hope they cherish these images for years to come! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Spano!!

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