Our love for Travel

As creatives who love to travel, it’s no surprise that it’s on the top of our list to be Paris Destination Wedding Photographers. While we have always photographed a handful of Destination Weddings each year, we recently had the great privilege of shooting in Paris and various regions throughout France! Many of you were following our travel journey as we posted stories and sneak peeks on social media and we’re so thankful to have such a dedicated following – so thank you for your never-ending support! Now that we’re back home we wanted to take a look back and share a bit of our journey with you all. To recap, we first flew into Paris where we scouted and prepared for three shoots that week before heading to South of France, where we met up with our husbands and also split up to shoot two local weddings: one just outside of Bordeaux, and one in Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey. Below are some images to show a little behind the scenes snippet of our trip, as well as a bit of background into the shoots we did and how they came about. Enjoy, and stay tuned as we share the finalized images from all of our shoots in the coming weeks!!




Shoot #1:  Click Here for our First Photoshoot with Alicia Devoucoux!

Shoot #2:  Click Here for our Second Photoshoot with Shana Sabeg Lupi!



We did a lot of “prop shopping” before the styled shoots. As shopaholics we had no trouble with this part of the planning!!


Our wonderful hair and makeup stylist Onorina prepping our model Alicia.

Bride Alicia poses in front of the Louvre for bridal portraits

Behind the scenes of Nicole shooting early morning at the Louvre.


A bit of deliberation in our Airbnb courtyard, as we waited for the rain to subside.

Shana and Hugo pose for wedding portraits in front of the Eiffel Tower

Behind the scenes of Noelle shooting at the Trocadero with Shana and Hugo.

Our story of traveling and shooting in France was actually a bit serendipitous, so let us tell you about this whirlwind journey! We had this trip in mind for some time now – we felt that we wanted to go on a trip that would help us grow as creatives but also fulfill our insatiable desire to travel. Many photographers spend thousands of dollars every year on workshops and classes (which we think is totally worth it too) but we felt that we wanted to do something a bit more personal and on our own schedule. So we started planning a trip to Europe with *many* destinations and ideas in mind. The deliberation and planning process seemed never-ending as there is a whole world out there we have yet to discover! In the midst of this planning however, we happened to get an email from a cinematography team (Marie Marry Me) based in Bordeaux who were looking to connect with local photographers and vendors on the East Coast for their trip to the U.S. in the fall of 2017. After having a video chat with them (Eva + Martin) we decided immediately that they were the kind of people we wanted to get to know and “hang with” so we made it our goal to meet up with them during our trip. Long story short, this wonderful connection led to us teaming up with them to shoot a wedding in a lovely chateau just outside of Bordeaux!! Which obviously sealed the deal for our plans to travel to France. So we snagged a killer deal on RT tickets to Paris and didn’t look back!


A great shot of Nicole, courtesy of our amazing assistant Kika!

Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_07 Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_08

As we continued our planning it was clear that France was where we were meant-to-be, as we were able to connect with some other vendors in Paris who were interested in teaming up for a Styled Shoot as well. Then Noelle was able to connect with a couple Emmalyn + Vincent who were planning a small ceremony in a little town just north of Nice. Noelle and Emmalyn (from Utah) were both a part of the “Girls Love Travel” community on Facebook and from the beginning, the connection was easy and organic – and the rest was history! And as if it all wasn’t already going so well, a couple (Alex + Anthony) reached out to us about planning a destination wedding in France in the fall of 2018. Alex, who also happens to be an acquaintance of Nicole’s husband Dan, had been following us on social media for years and had expressed interest in having us shoot their wedding abroad. So they decided last minute to book a trip to Paris while we were there so they could do some venue scouting, as well as have us shoot their Engagement Session (what an honor!!).

After leaving Paris, we flew into Nice and met up with our husbands in Villefranche-sur-Mer where we stayed in a wonderful little Airbnb for a few days before heading on to Bordeaux and Saint-Vallier. These are some of our favorite images from our time in the South of France (including Nice and Monaco).

Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_11Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_09 Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_10Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_14Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_12 Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_13

And of course as business owners, we can never really go off-the-grid, so we were still catching up on emails and work whenever we had the chance! Here is a shot of Noelle (captured by her husband Steve!) on the balcony of her hotel with a beautiful view of the charming town of Saint-Vallier in the background. Couldn’t wish for a better office if we tried!!


While we didn’t have much time to visit many tourist attractions (aside from visiting the Louvre museum) we did try to take advantage of the walkability of Paris and visit as many locations as we could (while scouting for good photo opportunities of course!).

Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_18 Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_19 Paris_Destination_Wedding_Photographers_20Eiffel Tower photographed at night with light beams

Needless to say, everything seemed to be pointing us in this direction and we couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out. And we have so many people to thank for their help and involvement! Big thanks to Onorina of Onorina Jomir Beauty, Aude of Aude Rose Floral Design, our models Alicia Devoucoux, Shana Sabeg Lupi and Hugo Beard. And our very adorable and extremely helpful assistant Kika Sacré. Laura from Laura Marr printing who worked with us super last minute to print our sample stationery and the wonderful folks over at Lovely Bride for loaning us the beautiful Leanne Marshall “Raincloud” gown. Lastly, we also got some very lovely intimate pieces from The Lace Atelier for the boudoir portion of our styled shoots. Here is one final shot, a little sneak peek from our Styled Shoot with model Alicia!! Stay tuned for more…

Model Alicia posing in front of the Louvre for a styled shoot