Cape May New Jersey Proposal Photography Session

The Surprise: We love surprises! And as women, we LOVE surprises that come from our guys. So we were thrilled when Mark asked us to shoot a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Samantha. What most people don’t realize is just how much effort goes into the entire process, especially for the guy who has to coordinate and plan all the while trying to keep his girlfriend completely in the dark. And as most of us women know, we can be nosey so we realize this makes our guys’ job even more difficult when planning a surprise. Luckily for Mark, he pulled it off, straight up until the very last second.

The Plan: He would take her onto the beach in Cape May New Jersey near the Lighthouse, where they go every year to celebrate their anniversary. They would sit and relax on the beach for a while, watching the sunset. {Insert: covert photographer, Noelle, sneaking around and popping in and out of the dunes watching from a distance}. They get up and start taking a stroll towards the sunset and the water. {Noelle starts running towards them – to get close enough of course, all the while trying to remain unseen and inconspicuous. Dives towards a large sand mound to go under cover}. And then in the most perfect moment you could ever imagine, Mark gets down on one knee and asks Samantha to spend the rest of her life with him… and she said YES! {Insert: Awwwwww} And the RING, oh my goodness, it’s BEAUTIFUL! Good job Mark!! Then afterwards, friends and family were waiting at a restaurant nearby to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

The Wedding: So when is the wedding you ask? They JUST got engaged! Give them some time people. haha.