We first met Shihyen + Satoshi in the beginning of 2014 at our Bryant Park location in NYC. Shihyen came to us loving our style of work and deeply understanding the importance of wedding photography and how it can help “freeze” special moments in time. She expressed how important their two wedding ceremonies would be to them, and we were thrilled and honored to be the ones to help them create such special memories for them.

Almost all of Shihyen and Satoshi’s families live overseas, so the fact that their two families would become one in NYC was incredibly special to them both. While they had already started planning their wedding celebration to take place this past Novemeber, they really wanted to officially tie the knot this past summer on the anniversary of when they first started dating. And we were lucky enough to document both occasions for them – check out their NYC City Hall ceremony here! So when the official wedding celebration came this fall and this special couple was surrounded by all of their family and friends, it was truly special to witness. Their November Alger House Wedding in NYC was beautiful and simple, taking on the character of the Alger House’s charm and utilizing the natural beauty of fall in NYC. We absolutely loved working with the staff at Alger House and look forward to documenting another intimate wedding there sometime soon. But until then, here are some of our favorites from Shihyen + Satoshi’s special day!!!

Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-01 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-02 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-03 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-04 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-05 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-06 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-07 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-08 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-09 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-10 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-11 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-12 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-13 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-14 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-15 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-16 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-19 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-20 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-21 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-22 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-23 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-24 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-25 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-26 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-27 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-28 Alger-House-West-Village-Wedding-NYC-29