In honor of Mother’s Day, Hannah, the oldest daughter of the Wachtel family contacted us for a photoshoot to celebrate their family. The session took place in West Orange, NJ on a beautiful sunny day and the weather was unseasonably warm, which perfectly represented the love this family shares. These guys were a really fun group and very laid back – and thanks to Dad, there no shortage of laughs and goofing around.

Recently the Wachtels welcomed Teddy, the newest addition to the family who happens to be the most adorable King Charles Spaniel in the whole wide world. Hannah asked if we could get some pictures of her little fur ball, and being a huge dog lover myself, I was very excited! It was quite the eventful day for Teddy, trying to showing off his newest tricks that he learned in puppy kindergarten and running around to sneak some gobbles of grass. It was easy to see the effect Teddy has on this family. Despite his “puppy phase” of having his own agenda, he’s adorable and totally melts your heart with his adorable furry little face!