{Noelle} Ahhh winter is upon us and in full swing. There are many things to dread about winter and I have to admit it is a much less desirable season for me personally. However looking on the brighter side, well as bright as it could possibly get for winter, there are many things to admire about the season. Hot cocoa, fireplaces, warm PJs, big fluffly socks, cuddling, movie nights and perhaps even sometimes snow. Yes, snow! I said it. The very warm blooded mammal that I am, I like it sometimes. Nicole would argue that its great for skiing because she loves to ski, me on the other hand just tried snowboarding for the first time this year and can only walk away with one assumption, you fall. A LOT. And it hurts.

Anyhow, while we’re reveling the marvelous white stuff out there, or perhaps cursing it for not being able to get out of your driveway, we want to share some of our favorite images from this winter. As you may already have noticed, Nicole has a very lovable and adorable little chihuahua-pit mix, Ruby. Well Ruby has an uncle, Teddy. Let’s just say Teddy is Ruby’s side-kick that perhaps has a few screws loose somewhere up there, but in all of his clumsy-ditziness, we love him all the same! All the more to love is the fact that Teddy has the most incredibly adorable curls and big eyes that scream, hug me! Below are some snow action photos of the pups playing in Nicole’s hometown of Long Island.

While I do not have precious pups or kids of my own to torture with my camera… yet. I will settle for enjoying the serenity and beautiful scenery around me!!

Lastly, one of my absolute favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch in front of the fireplace with my oversized University of Delaware sweatpants, my laptop (a.k.a lifeline) and a BIG cup of hot coffee. These are the times that I can really enjoy the winter. One of these days I may even brave the weather and go for another try at snowboarding. Until then I’ll be snuggled up right here in the the warmth.