Creating your Wedding Albums,
Print selections & Wall Art

Preparing for your

Congratulations, you’re married! Let’s keep the excitement going, and get started on completing the items included in your Wedding Collection. After receiving your wedding gallery, we’ll send information on scheduling your ordering session either in-person in our Philadelphia studio or virtually via zoom. However, please feel free to reach out at any time to get scheduled!

See below to learn more about what to expect during your Ordering Session and how to prepare. Excited to get started? Click below to get scheduled!

About Ordering Sessions

What it is & What to Expect

Like many artists, it all comes down to the final product. Floral designers design your bouquet utlizing the most beautiful flowers. And culinary artists combine quality ingredients for an exquisite meal. For us, the final art piece, and most important item you’ll have to remember your wedding day will be your wedding album

As visual artists, we are often thinking and planning for your album design while we are photographing your wedding. There are specific decisions we make when composing a shot, and we make mental notes of how a series of details and moments could tell a story in your album. So naturally, designing the perfect story-telling wedding album is the final touch on completing your wedding vision!

I.  Album Design

// Artistic Story-Telling & Professional Design Services

Once you’ve contacted us to get started, we’ll begin the design phase of your album! As the creators of your wedding images, it’s only fitting that we complete the final work of art. Using our artistic vision, we’ll create a stunning album design which will include a comprehensive story of your day. We will design your album generously, with more pages than necessary in order to give you plenty of options when editing. You can then narrow down the number of spreads, or choose to upgrade and include more pages in your album.


In the past, we would have couples select the images they wanted for their album. However we saw that this quickly became a daunting task for them, which in turn, meant that their album wasn’t started until well over a year after their wedding. So what we do, is jump start the process and predesign your album using the most beautiful, and best story-telling images from your day. If you’d like to select some of your favorites to be used within the initial design, you can create a “Favorites” gallery directly on our Proofing Site prior to your Ordering Session, and we’ll be sure to include those as well!

Of course! During your Ordering Session, we’ll reveal version #1 of your album design, and we’ll be taking down any notes of changes and retouching requests! During the design process, we will also be including some spreads that are similar to each other (ie: black and white, and color versions) for you to select which you like best as well.


//  Cover Materials & Finishing Touches

Approximately 2-4 weeks after your final gallery is delivered, we will schedule you for an Ordering Session to complete all remaining orders in your Wedding Collection. At this time, you will:

1. Review your album design and request any initial edits.

2. Select your cover options, see materials, and feel our luxurious leathers and fabrics!

3. Place your Print Orders. We’ll suggest which sizes work best in your home.

4. Order any additional products and gifts including Parent Albums, Wall Art, Canvas Wraps and more!

Think ahead for upcoming gifts and for Mothers/Father’s Day and the Holidays! Production on our albums is 4-6 weeks, so we highly suggest placing Parent Album orders at this time as well. Parents will receive an online proof and can opt to make any changes to their albums following your Ordering Session.


Ordering sessions are scheduled in 2 hour increments Mon-Fri from 10am-5pm, and take place in our Philadelphia studio or virtually through zoom. Meetings are scheduled at 7-10 days in advance so we have time to put together your initial album design. Please give at least 48 hours notice for cancellations and reschedule requests.


Why yes of course! You can use Referral Credit towards the cost of any upgrades you’d like to make, or towards any additional products you’d like to purchase!

How do you earn referral credits? Refer a friend or family member to us and when they book a portrait session or wedding collection (signed contract and retainer paid), you’ll receive a “referral credit” that can be used towards other products or services. Portrait sessions have a $50 credit and weddings have a $100 credit. 


If you choose to make any upgrades with your album(s) or products, payment will be due via cc the day of your Ordering Session. We can also split up the balance as well (50/50) with the final 50% due upon your final approval before your album/products begin production. We do not start on album design changes until a payment is received.


//  Final Changes & Retouching

After your Ordering Session, we will complete any and all edits requested for your wedding album(s). The final layout will be sent as a link from our Album Proofing System, which you can “approve” or “edit” by inserting any additional comments, including additional retouching requests.

Upon your final approval, we will move your album into the final retouching phase before it begins production!

IV.  Production

//  Hand-crafted by Skilled Album Artisans (4-6 weeks)

Once you’ve approved your final album layout, we will begin the retouching process before sending your album to our album artisans. Production time for your album is approximately 4-6 weeks and your album will be shipped along with the other products included in your Wedding Collection such as: Starter Prints, your entire wedding gallery archived on a USB (or digital download link), Canvas Prints, and Wall Art pieces.

All albums and final products included in your Wedding Collection will be shipped via UPS and you will receive a tracking notification once the package is en route. We will reach out to confirm an updated shipping address beforehand.

* Shipping Details: A one-time courtesy shipping fee is included within your Wedding Collection. Items can be shipped separately and to different addresses for an additional shipping charge. 


Orders placed after 18 months

As detailed in your wedding agreement, all items included within your Wedding Collection must be placed within 18 months of your wedding date. Each year the cost of goods to create our beautiful albums and products increases. Therefore,orders placed after this time will be subject to an archival fee – OR – be applicable to current pricing.