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In 2018 Femina was proud to launch this newest service and began documenting weddings near and far – both photographically, and through cinematic wedding films!

We’re excited to be moving into the 2020 wedding season with a majority of our clients choosing to book both Photo + Video services together. We look forward to what the next year has in store for our cinematic teams!

*Note: We are no longer accepting video commissions for the 2019 wedding season, so don’t wait to find out if we’re available for your 2020 or 2021 wedding.

Cinematic style

wedding films with a “dream-like” quality 

It’s more than a wedding video… it’s a cinematic story-telling film edited in the same elegant style that you’d come to expect from the Femina Brand.

As a Photo + Design studio, we’ve always felt passionate about creating a cohesive and branded look for our clients – from stationery to photography and album design. So it was a natural progression for us to offer cinematic services that stayed true to our aesthetic and vision. Creating romantic and elegant short films to tell our clients’ stories in the same way we tell them photographically, but adding a romantic “dream-like” quality in motion.

From our shooting approach, to our editing style, it’s all one cohesive collection of work… from stills to motion. And now you can have it all for your big day! Take a peek at our signature “Dream Sequence” Highlight!

“Dream Sequence” Highlight
Maryam + Eddie
Gramercy Hotel, NYC (2018)




Absolutely! Between Nicole & Noelle, and our past careers in the advertising, fashion and commercial industries, we’ve had this skill tucked quietly under our belts for a while. Nicole has worked on national commercial campaigns, and Noelle has always taken to the creative aspect of film-making. Our shooting and editing styles remain consistent with our elegant, romantic, and sophisticated aesthetic – and are a perfect compliment to our photography. We’ve been told that our wedding films are just like our photography… only moving and set to incredible music!


We currently offer two packages for our wedding cinematic services: Full-Feature Films (starting at $3500), and our signature “Dream-Sequence” Highlights (starting at $2500), which is a perfect compliment to any photography package. We have several options in terms of customizations including full-length audio add-ons for ceremony + speeches. Like our photography services, our cinematic wedding packages can be tailored specifically to your day. The best way for us to customize something for you, would be to have a quick phone call! Just email us, to learn more and we’ll give you a ring!

What is the difference between a Highlight and Full Feature?

As mentioned previously, we offer two main video packages, Full-Feature Films and our signature “Dream-Sequence” Highlights. So a lot of people ask what is the difference between the two? Dream Sequence Highlights are just that, a quick synopsis of the day that showcases the main parts of your wedding story in a 4-7 minute reel. Our Dream Sequence Highlights do not include any audio, however it can be included as an add-on service. You can choose to add either a) just the vows highlights or b) both ceremony + speeches audio. The latter is a bit more involved and requires a second person that we assign as a sound engineer/second camera setup to help capture multiple angles in during the ceremony. Both options must be added on before the wedding day since it does require an extra bit of preparation. Our Full Feature is an extended highlight and allows us to include more clips from the day overall, resulting in a 14-16 minute film. It will automatically include highlights of the vows and speeches sprinkled throughout the video, making the full feature longer by default. Still have questions? Just email us so we can setup a call to chat further!


When you think about film-making, music brings the story and visuals to life. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that can evoke a sense of feeling and emotion from scene to scene. So this is a very important element for us when telling your wedding day story and often times, the footage we capture will inspire the songs that we choose. Combining the personal element of getting to know our couples, with the “feel” of your wedding and the footage itself, we develop a clear vision in terms of the style of music that will be selected. Being a long-time music lover, Noelle truly has a knack of choosing the perfect songs to bring each wedding film to life!

*Note: Femina uses only licensed music that is purchased through music licensing websites. These licensing fees are built into our pricing. It’s very important for us to support fellow artists and choose songs that are legally sourced. However, finding good quality music that appeals to a modern vibe is just as important. And luckily, we source from an incredible community of talented artists who create work just for this purpose!


Throughout the development of our cinematic services and the overall aesthetic that Femina has come to be known for, this was something we considered very carefully. Through honing our skills and perfecting the style we wanted to offer our clients, we found that the most creative wedding films we were drawn to, did not include the typical audio overlays found in many wedding videos. (This is not to say we think it’s a bad thing and we do offer audio add-ons or include highlights in our full feature films!) But as past brides ourselves, we all agreed that your wedding day can feel like a dream. A series of quick and fleeting moments… that cross your memories as bursts of images and emotions. (In some of the most thought provoking dreams, you likely don’t recall hearing words or conversations, but remember how it made you feel.) It’s this dream-like quality that we wanted to harness in the creation of our cinematic wedding services. As cliche as it may sound, we literally make your wedding “dreams” come true. And you’ll be able to watch it over and over!


Yes, you certainly can! In addition to our cinematic films and highlights, we also offer a full-length “Ceremony + Speeches” Add-On. To achieve this, we will connect to your ceremony’s sound system and record your ceremony at multiple angles. Your ceremony will be delivered separately as a full-length video edited to show the various perspectives from your ceremony.  This add-on can added to either our Dream Sequence Highlight or Full-Feature Film package.


Much like your photographic wedding gallery, your wedding video will also live online. A high-definition copy of your film (and any audio add-ons such as our “Full Length Ceremony + Speeches” will also be included and delivered on a crystal USB. Your archived wedding gallery and high-definition video file will be delivered with your final products (prints, album(s), and wall art)!


The short answer is no, because there really isn’t raw footage that’s “viewable”. Meaning, we record the day in many many small clips that are then artfully pieced together to tell the story of your day. This is a newer and more modern approach to wedding films and allows us to be mobile, unobtrusive and creative. The old style of video shooting was to have large stationary cameras that were continuously “rolling” and then it was pieced together in a long 2-3 hour video that could be watched in full. This is simply not the way that we capture cinematic wedding films today. Rather, now we capture hundreds of short bursts or clips that will show a bit of a scene but then when we put it all together later on, it will create a compelling and creative story. It will be something that your family and friends will be raving about for years to come! For us, it’s about capturing the moments and details that you may not remember but will bring back all of the nostalgia of the day. Like the sun shining through the leaves or the candles flickering across the tables during your reception. It’s these extra bits that help bring your story to life. So while it’s not possible to deliver the “raw footage”, we do have an add-on service for Ceremony + Speeches, which allows us to capture the full ceremony, speeches and special dances —  which you can then watch in full, in a separate video file (in addition to your highlight or full feature film). 


We’re so glad you asked. And the answer is YES! In addition to our wedding films, you can also choose to document your proposal or engagement session cinematically in what we call our “Love Story” Highlights. You can either substitute a photographic engagement session in your current package (for an additional fee), or do both for a discounted rate! Inquire for more details :)


Since day one we have been shooting with the industry’s top Canon systems. Specifically, we photograph and record on Canon’s 5D Mark IIIs and IVs, and utilize a wide range of prime and zoom lenses. As with our photography style, we are natural light photographers and use minimal lighting to create the work you see throughout our portfolio. We truly believe this allows us to remain unobtrusive and capture the day exactly as you remember it.


Yes we do! Femina is conveniently located in New York City & Philadelphia and proudly documents weddings in the tri-state areas including Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester & Up-State New York, and Delaware. A travel fee applies for weddings that take place beyond 90-miles of either Philadelphia or NYC (with the exception of eastern Long Island). For all Destination Weddings (both national or international), we can customize a package to include the cost of travel and accommodation.

Now Booking

for the 2019 & 2020 wedding seasons!

We’re beyond excited to be offering this new service for our upcoming calendar years for weddings and events. Interested in having video at your wedding? Inquire below!