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General Questions

Where are you located?

Femina is owned and operated by two fun-loving ladies that live in two incredible cities: Philadelphia (Noelle) and New York City (Nicole). We regularly service the Tri-State area and are also available (and love!) to travel for destination weddings. Typically depending on the location of your wedding, either Noelle or Nicole would be your primary photographer shooting with a qualified second-shooter in each of the their respective cities.

Do you charge travel fees for weddings?

For weddings within 90 miles of NYC and Philly, there is no travel fee. For weddings over 90 miles, a travel fee may include nominal costs for gas, tolls, mileage, lodging, etc. For Destination weddings that require airfare and lodging, we will book our accommodations and you can reimburse us. It’s as simple as that. And since most of the Femina shooters are female teams, we can save you money and book our accommodations together!

Can you shoot my destination wedding?

Yes! We enjoy jet-setting to new places and would love to shoot your event, no matter where it takes place! We have covered weddings in various destinations such as Costa Rica, Martha’s Vineyard, Texas, Florida, and deep within the Poconos. On a personal level, we have been to twelve countries collectively (and a majority of the United States)! If you are interested in having us join you throughout your destination wedding journey, we would love to hear from you!

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Every studio is different and has a different approach to this. Our approach is to have two different perspectives and styles that will capture the day in every way possible. Having two photographers not only provides additional coverage but also guarantees that crucial moments will never be missed because of any sort of mechanical failure, etc.

Can both Femina owners shoot my wedding?

We often get requests for both of us to be shooting one event and as long as we both have that date available, we can certainly accommodate these requests. This is considered an Upgrade for an additional Primary Shooter and can be added to any Collection. Just remember that whether or not you book both Femina ladies, you will still receive the same quality of work and level of customer service that you can come to expect from the Femina brand.

Do you require a retainer to hold a date?

Weddings are the type of events that many people book at least a year in advance. So in order for us to reserve that date for you, a 30% retainer and contract are required to secure one of Femina’s two main photographers (Noelle or Nicole) for your event. At that time, your photographer will no longer accept any other commissions for that date. For Portrait sessions, a 50% retainer is required to secure a day and time for your shoot. Securing a date for wedding and portrait services is first come, first serve.

Do you use professional equipment, and are you insured?

Yes and Yes. We are proud Canon shooters and well equipped with all of the latest equipment and technology, along with back up equipment, batteries and plenty of memory cards! We also have liability insurance, which most wedding venues require from vendors using their facility. This proof of insurance can be sent to the venue via email or fax by request.

Are there travel fees for sessions outside of Philly or NYC?

For New York region sessions, there is no fee to shoot within NYC or Long Island City. For Philadelphia sessions, there is no fee to shoot within 15 miles of the city limits. We do realize that sometimes our couples have a “special place” in mind for their shoot or a family with a newborn does not want to travel, so we certainly accommodate these requests as well. Travel fees may include nominal costs for gas, tolls, mileage and overtime for extended travel time needed. Please contact us for more details and a custom quote.

Can our session be longer than one hour?

You can certainly book us for an extended portrait session. Simply let us know what locations and ideas you have in mind and we can help you customize the length of your session by adding on extra coverage. We do book our sessions in one-hour time blocks so please let us know in advance if you plan to extend your session so we can plan accordingly.

What happens in the unlikely event that one of the Femina Ladies cannot shoot my event?

In extreme situations, whether it is a serious illness, hospitalization, death, etc., Femina is very fortunate to be a part of many photography organizations and photographers groups in the Tri-State area. In this case, they would reach out to our extensive group of connections and find someone of the same skill level and style to fulfill the missing person’s shoes.

As photographers, we join these groups with the expectation that our services could be needed and that we might have to step up to help a fellow industry partner, so we are confident that many photographers would step up to the challenge and support us as well. Some of the organizations we are members of include The PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and The Photo Betties (a group of professional women photographers in the Tri-State area).

Style & Vision

What is "photojournalism", and is this how you shoot?

The true definition of photojournalism basically translates to “news photography”. Now, while it’s quite obvious that we are not news photographers, the term has loosely become related to Wedding Photography in recent years because it has opened up a different approach to shooting on the day of the wedding. It’s a much more candid and fluid way of capturing moments.

For us personally, we have certainly adapted this strategy so we can be as unobtrusive as possible while shooting. There are exceptions of course, like during portraits or family formals which requires us to be a bit more directive. And with our distinct commercial and design influences, we aren’t just shooting to document the day, we are also shooting in a way that we know will lend itself better to the design of the final products and wedding album.

What is post-production and digital stylizing?

You may (or may not) have heard these terms before but it’s very important to know the difference. Part of what we love about meeting new couples is that we get to educate them about our creative process and give them a little glimpse into how we do things!

Basic post-production consists of color correcting, tweaking exposure, straightening, cropping and making sure the photographs are of professional quality for printing. The stylizing of photographs is where the creative process is taken to another level. This is also how all of our images take on our signature style and brand of being elegant, romantic and sophisticated. It’s a style we’re very proud to have developed over the years.

While shooting, we have very specific visions in mind and in the final stages of production, this is when the photographs can really come to life! This can also be a defining factor when hiring a professional who is well versed not only in shooting, but also digital editing and stylizing.

Is every wedding processed in the same exact style?

Yes and no. As you can see just from looking through our site, all of our images are edited with the same kind of polish and magazine-worthy finish. The images can also vary slightly in their color tones or brightness and this is mainly because every wedding is different and lighting or environmental conditions will change based on the day. There are aspects of every wedding that can influence the final product. However, our overall level of consistency is the result of our professional expertise and many years of perfecting our editing style. Just know that every wedding is unique and deserves individualized attention.

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