When we first “met” Andrea and Mark it was through a few phone calls followed by a grande finale Skype session just days before the wedding. We were thrilled that they wanted to Skype with us; what a genius idea for long distance business relationships! Amazing. Anyhow, needless to say we really got to know this spunky-organized-punctual down-to-earth couple, first through their heart melting proposal video (mastermind of Mark), then through our Skype session and lastly in the intimate setting of their big day.

It was an experience that led us to this conclusion: These people are freakin’ awesome! We left feeling as if we’d just spent a day with some good friends. They really were a pleasure to work with and we could really see the love that emanated from the two of them. From Mark’s gentle touch to Andrea’s adorable sideways glances, you could tell they were absolutely positively IN LOVE. We are so happy to have shared this day with them and to be given the privilege of capturing these moments forever.

A big thanks to Maître d’ Perry at Lake Valhalla Club for making the experience truly painless and for welcoming us with open arms. Everyone was so nice and helpful, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mark + Andrea: You guys are truly extraordinary together. Congrats!