There are few things we love more than tiny, pink, squirmy, squishy, babies! And baby Henry was no exception. He is the adorable little bundle of joy that we’ve been so anxious to meet ever since Kristi + Dan had made their exciting announcement that they were expecting!  It’s always special for us to document a couple’s big day when they become husband and wife, but even more touching when they ask us to also freeze that moment in time when their first little baby enters this world making them a family.

Like many newborns we have the privilege to photograph in their very first days, Henry was a very chill baby to work with. Despite having a few “moments” letting mommy know that he was hungry, tired, or just plain “over” being photographed, he was pretty much game for anything and it was so much fun playing with him. At just 7 days old, he is mighty strong (seriously, he could probably arm wrestle a 1 year old) and very much developing into the little man he will one day become. And given the little red fire truck in his nursery, maybe he will even follow in his Daddy’s footsteps in becoming one of New York’s finest: an FDNY firefighter. We are so happy to finally meet Henry and cannot wait to see the little boy he will quickly turn into. Congratulations Kristy + Dan on your beautiful baby boy!!!!

Long-Island-Newborn-Portraits_02 Long-Island-Newborn-Portraits_03

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