You can’t get a sweeter bride – it may be impossible actually. Jess was the kind of girl that is always beaming and simply makes everyone else around her happy. We first learned this little fact when we first met and photographed Jess + Pete’s Engagement Session. These two simply adore each other, and we knew it would be pretty special to capture them again on their wedding day. And they sure didn’t disappoint!

Jess + Pete’s Addison Park wedding in New Jersey was beautiful and everything went smoothly from start to finish. Beaming ear to ear, Jess was overwhelmed with excitement right before first seeing Pete. After carefully descending the staircase in Addison Park’s black and white grand foyer, Pete turned to look at his stunning bride and also was overcome with tears of joy. It was truly a special experience, and one that we always feel privileged to be a part of. After walking the grounds of Addison Park and capturing some intimate portraits of them, it was off to get married! A beautiful ceremony combined with beautiful weather – what more can a girl ask for??

We wish Jess + Pete a lifetime of happiness, hugs and smiles. Congratulations to this fabulous couple!!!

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