Summer is here! FINALLY. Ok maybe not officially, but we’re already kicking off our shoes and frolicking in the sand (in our minds). Us Femina ladies are diehard beach lovers, so what better way to kick off the summer season than with an adorable sunset beach engagement session.

Meet Jessica and Pete. No they didn’t grow up in Delaware, in fact that came all the way from New York (that’s far when you consider how many beaches you pass along the way). But Delaware has a special place in their hearts because that’s where Pete’s family goes every summer. So they spend a few weeks at a time enjoying the charm and uniqueness that Rehoboth Beach has to offer.

We lucked out with some beautiful weather for these two, but that also meant the boardwalk was super busy! We took full advantage though and joined in on some boardwalk fun at the iconic “Funland”. And we were still able to sneak away and find some secluded spots as we made our way down to the water for some sunset photos. Ironically enough, their first date also happened to be in Brooklyn, NY so the fact that there was a Brooklyn Ave sign for us to grab some shots just made this session even more personalized and special for them. Here’s a little sneak peek of some of our favorite images. We are so excited for Jessica and Pete’s wedding this coming August!!

Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_01 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_02 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_03 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_04 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_05 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_06 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_07 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_08 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_09 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_10 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_11 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_12 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_13 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_14 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_15 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_16 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_17 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_18 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_19 Rehoboth_Beach_Engagement_Photos_20