As photographers, it’s really important for us to engage with and learn about the people we photograph. And as wedding photographers, it’s even more important to learn about the couple’s we are photographing and to hear their story. Every couple’s journey started somewhere and it’s always a pleasure to be able to photograph them in the place where it all began! For Leighann and Joe, that place is the School of Law at Villanova University (which just so happens to have one of the most beautiful campuses in Philadelphia!). Leighann also spent her former undergrad years there so the location has a lot of meaning for them both. Their story began just as friends, messaging back and forth on their laptops during lecture. Soon enough it wasn’t hard for their classmates to catch on to their flirting since they were the only two chuckling behind their computer screens. So when they mentioned wanting to get a few shots in the building where they spent most of their time and where it all started, we were totally game! We spent some time roaming the grounds while they pointed out areas of their old stomping grounds (since both of us Femina ladies went to college together – we can totally relate to the campus experience and just wanting to go back and reminisce). And we sure lucked out with the weather! Clear blue skies and the perfect temperature – you really couldn’t ask for anything more. We just hope we have the same beautiful weather for their Old City Wedding next Spring. We can’t wait for the big day and look forward to working with these two again!!

In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite sneak peeks from their Villanova Engagement Session!

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