Mother’s Day is all about moms and trust me, we LOVE our moms and there is nothing more we would love to do than spend Mother’s Day with them! But every once in a while a special event comes along that you just can’t pass up (like shooting a dear friend on Mother’s Day when she is a mommy-to-be herself!).

So as it happens, our moms understand when things come up. I mean, how cool are moms? They are the only people who ever truly understand rescheduling and “Oh, can I call you right back?” but that turns into 5 hours later… the only ones who come to your house and offer to clean or bring you bags of your favorite coffee because you can’t find it in a grocery store near you (seriously!). Again, how cool are moms?! So here’s a little shout out to my own mom, Debbie, for understanding that I had to shoot another mommy on her special day. Then again Lindsey is like a second daughter to her so I think she was totally cool with it.

Well here is my dear friend Lindsey and she is going to be THE coolest mom. Not only is she the most patient and kind person I know (who also happens to be a Special Ed teacher) but she is SO excited to become a mommy. The same can be said for her hubby Scott. So in honor of moms (and dads) all across the world, here is a special Mother’s Day Maternity session.