Last year was incredible. So incredible, that we’re just able to collect ourselves to talk about it now. We’ve had the great privilege in working with some of the kindest, fun, and energetic brides, grooms, children, babies and mommies-to-be. It truly was a blast for us and we can’t thank all of our clients enough for their love and support.

Now on to the exciting news we’ve been anxiously awaiting to announce to everyone. With a lot of hard work and dedication, we are happy to kick off the new year with our new website and blog!! While we still had a soft spot for our old site, it was time to give the home of Femina a little bit of a facelift. We did this for a few reasons: For one (as some of you techies out there know) our visibility wasn’t the best when it came to products that didn’t support flash. While flash is great in certain instances, it just wasn’t working for us anymore. This new platform will allow us to have greater control, and more control means more updates and being able to show off our latest and greatest super quick for all of you out there. One of our other big reasons for the switch was that we no longer wanted our blog in the “garage” of the Femina house. Now it is resides directly within the new site, which makes it feel nice and cozy. Within our blog, you’ll still find the categories now located along the top, each of which will bring you to a “visual category page” so you can search and browse using your eyeballs. We think it’s a nice touch, and we hope you do too. So take a look around the new Blog, and around the rest of the house! And be sure to come back soon because we have some awesome deals coming up!!