Shihyen + Satoshi are two incredibly sweet people, who met and fell in love in New York City. Coming from different backgrounds – Shihyen, born and raised in Taiwan, while Satoshi is a Japanese-born Californian – they are excited to start their lives together and blend their two cultures. While their families still live far away, they are soon going to be visiting in November to celebrate their marriage! We first met Shihyen a few months ago when she inquired about their upcoming intimate wedding celebration. Upon meeting her and hearing of their love story, it was clear how special this event would be for both them and their families, because it will be the first time some will be visiting the U.S. – as well as meeting each other’s family!

To make their union official ahead of time, Shihyen + Satoshi opted for a NYC City Hall wedding on the anniversary of when they first started dating. It was a very special date for them, and they were surrounded by some of their close friends that morning to witness their marriage at City Hall. Immediately following, we strolled around lower Manhattan for some beautiful photos of the new husband + wife. It was a gorgeous morning filled with lots of excitement and celebration, and we can’t wait to do it all again come November when their families arrive!

Special Update: View their November 2014 wedding ceremony with their families!

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