This post is long overdue and after jumping straight into a busy fall, we find ourselves dreaming of warm Paris summer nights and deliciously flaky croissants. So this shoot is the perfect way to take us back and relive a short time where we were living an alternate life as expats and Paris Wedding Photographers. Every girl dreams of a Paris wedding, but we took it a step further and added a Paris Boudoir Session to this styled wedding couple shoot. And let us tell you, there is nothing more fun than wrapping a bride up in delicate lace and bridal lingerie for a dreamy and romantic pre-wedding boudoir shoot. We started the day in the 2nd arrondissement before heading over to the picturesque location of the Trocadero. While the weather would not quite cooperate on shoot day, we were still able to get some killer bride and groom shots in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower. It may have taken a few tries of running for cover during the quick downpours, but it most definitely did not scare us away! Afterwards, we took full advantage of the dramatic skies for some more unique Eiffel Tower photographs. The sky was painted in every shade of dark blue and the clouds created such a wonderful texture for some really exciting images! We also learned a valuable lesson about Uber and cellular connectivity but it was worth every minute of waiting in the rain to catch a cab ;)

These are just some of our favorite photographs from the couple shoot and we would also like to thank all of the talented vendors involved as well. The Lace Atelier provided the stunning lace lingerie and robe that our model (Shana Sabeg Lupi) wore, along with the wedding dress made by designer Martina Liana from The Wedding Atelier in NYC, details from BHLDN, perfume from Rose Desgranges (from their lovely one-of-a-kind boutique in Paris selling the perfume exclusively) , Hair and Makeup by the amazingly talented Onorina of Onorina Jomir Beauty, the stunning florals by Aude of Aude Rose Floral Design. Our handsome groom was model Hugo Beard. And we have to send a huge shoutout to our wonderful assistant Kika Sacré for all her help with logistics and lighting the day of the shoot!

Stay tuned for another amazing Paris Wedding Shoot we’ll be sharing very soon as well, with more fabulous vendors and talent (sneak peek below)!!

Paris_Wedding_Photographers_01 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_02 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_03 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_04 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_05 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_06 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_07 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_08 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_09 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_11 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_12Paris_Wedding_Photographers_10Paris_Wedding_Photographers_14 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_15 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_16 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_17 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_18 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_19 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_20 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_21 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_22

Paris_Wedding_Photographers_23 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_24 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_25 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_26  Paris_Wedding_Photographers_28 Paris_Wedding_Photographers_29

Stay tuned for more!

Love what you see? Well we have more! Stay tuned for our other Paris Destination Wedding shoot with Alicia wearing Leanne Marshall’s “Raincloud” dress!